#7 Ride a Horse

Last month I found myself in Colorado. If you have any desire for jaw dropping scenery, delicious wine, charming shops and friendly folks, you should find yourself there too.  Grand Junction in particular – a stone’s throw from the Colorado National Monument. I’d show you oodles of pictures, but they simply won’t do it justice. One million shades of red, rust, and gold. Sheer cliffs, weather worn landscapes, scruffy shrubs.

Ok, well a couple. Because it is pretty dazzling:

colorado_monument2 colorado_monument

Sadly, my lovely host found herself under the weather on a day we were to venture into nearby canyons to fetch a wild mustang. Left to my own devices, there was only one option: go catch a cowboy. Erm, I mean, go find a horse to ride. I made my way to Rimrock Adventures in Fruita and begged them to take me on a last minute horseback riding tour. It had been a cold, rainy miserable morning but as I pulled into the parking lot the skies cleared, and I knew it was going to be wonderful.

Bo was my cowboy. He quoted his hero John Wayne throughout the ride. He spoke of cowboy things, working on a ranch, harnessing a team of horses, going off on adventures. “I’ve been a cowboy since I was 10 years old,” he said.  I asked him what his horse was named. “Princess.” Of course…

Bo and Princess

Bo, Princess and Butterscotch

We rode for about an hour through a nature reserve immediately south of the national monument, McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area. It was simply gorgeous. My horse, Butterscotch, was a treat. Apparently he was testing his limits, aiming for snacks along the route, coming to an abrupt halt to nibble on a shrub. I let him, I figured I always have treats when I’m out for a walk, it only seemed fair. But Bo, ever the cowboy, reminded me that I needed to be the boss, in control of where I’m headed. Advice that could come in handy anywhere – I gripped the reins tightly, and led him away.

It was lovely. Go see Bo and Princess, they’re such a treat.

Bo and Princess telling cowboy tales

Bo and Princess telling cowboy tales


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